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The Institute of America is proud to be an Official Certifying Organization for the President's Volunteer Service Award


Our Programs

IOA American English Program

Our wide range of English-language courses for students wishing to improve their English language ability ensures we have the perfect match for everyone.

Choose between courses for adults, especially for immigrants from non-English speaking countries,  courses for young learners aged 12-18, or special courses for kids aged 3-10. Learn through our IOA English Learning system, which is specially designed to enhance learning by embracing technology as a teaching tool.

Courses are structured to help you achieve fluency quickly and effectively, providing you with a variety of options that best suit your English learning needs. Prepare for daily life, for Academic needs, the TOEFL®, Cambridge exam, or any number of others with our exam preparation courses, become fluent during a long-term academic semester, or brush up on your general language skills with a vacation or intensive program.

IOA American Culture Program

IOA American Culture Program will take you behind-the-scenes while studying America’s diverse cultures. Learning in this program is more than sitting in a lecture hall; it is about firsthand experience.

The American Culture Program combines classroom lecture and discussion with a series of guest speakers and trips in order to interpret America’s history, politics, literature, music, and art. You will examine the ways Americans see themselves, their values, their history, their contributions to the world, and their role in the world today.

You’ll study the paradoxes, and the disagreements, and listen to a range of American voices—from guest speakers to people you’ll meet on the road, to the woman or faculty member sitting next to you in our tour bus. You will develop your personal voice as you explore the many definitions of American Culture in your program journal.

Students in the Program come from all over the world, and faculty comes to the program from a broad range of disciplines. One thing is for sure—there is not a single other program like the American Culture Program in America. You can truly have an extraordinary educational experience at Institute of America.

IOA New Immigrants Assistance Program

The United States has a tradition of welcoming immigrants. In order to promote a more harmonious community living environment, IOA works with other community-based social organizations to provide free immigration legal services through pro bono attorneys and volunteer legal workers. Those who could not afford expensive legal fees with proof of low-income may apply for this service. Our immigration and citizenship services including:

  • Requests for immigration or citizenship application forms
  • Assistance when there are extended delays after an application has been submitted for citizenship, naturalization, a green card, work visa, asylum, and other immigration status information or benefits
  • English as a Second Language instruction (For naturalization purpose)
  • United States civics and citizenship classes 
  • Counseling

* An appointment is required prior to your visit to our office, due to limited availability of pro bono attorneys and volunteer legal workers on site. Please email us to get more information. 


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